Greg LeFevere Design


how we work is as important as what we make.


A history

Majoring in Industrial Design at Virginia Tech, Greg takes his in-house, graphic and print design experience at Newell Brands, where he helped develop packaging and displays for big brands like Sharpie and Irwin Tools, and mixes it with design thinking and user interface design for small business clients. The combination of print and digital design are the perfect suite of experience for small businesses looking to build out their brand consistently across their channels, easily.

Greg LeFevere is based out of Bethesda, Maryland, USA.



Work Like a Traveler Plans

In December of 2016 Greg began traveling, first starting with Barcelona and ending with a flight from Istanbul. He would spend time working in Cambodia with BreakAway Learning, combining his love for user interface and brand design with a drive to empower learning in developing nations and take education into its next 100 years.

"Often working with remote teammates and clients, I've seen the best work come from when we create together. This means we show unfinished work, present in a fun and vulnerable way and show prototypes however and whenever possible."


"If there's one thing I have learned it's that making a plan is more of an exercise than a reality. Whether traveling or designing, its much more fun and productive to focus on being adaptable and open. To celebrate this perspective, in August of 2017 I relaunched this site,

If you need a new logo, a whole brand identity or a website or you just need a creative ready to tackle whatever comes up, you've come to the right place: a place where you're part of the process, not just the stakeholder."